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Serving our community is most important to us & that means offering classes to everyone - wherever they are in their dance journey!
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About Us

Deseo began in 2008 as a six person local dance company. The owner, military veteran Serena Cuevas, taught dance classes throughout San Diego and supported the Latin nightclub scene with her energetic teaching-style and recurring dance performances. Over the next ten years, Deseo grew to be one of the premier dance companies in Southern California.

After teaching out of multiple studios for a decade, in 2018 Serena opened her own studio location! The company expanded rapidly and so did the Team! ‘Deseo Dance Company’ had become Deseo Studios; now, with a staff of 11 amazingly talented instructors, they soon became the local favorite. This was perfect timing for the community, the company dancers, and the dance scene itself.

Today, Deseo Studios is based in the stunning Otay Ranch Town Center in Chula Vista. The family-friendly vibe, and the stress-free environment really contribute to having the classes be so effective for the students. It’s an iconic place for fun, passionate, and alive dance training. From quinces and wedding dances to competitive choreographies, the Deseo staff are committed to quality, and that their members have an exceptional experience.

AGES 3-17

Youth Classes

We have classes for ages 3-17! Specializing in Salsa, Latin, Technique, Balance, HipHop, Ballroom & more. We have a high energy Staff who are perfect for training youth. Your child will build social skills, teamwork mentality, and make new friends, all while developing dance technique and having so much fun!


AGES 16+

Adult Classes

With levels from 'Two-Left-Feet' to World Championship Training Programs, we serve everyone who walks in. Salsa & Bachata are our most popular dances for partner dancing and there's no partner even needed! Come try any of our adult classes and you'll absolutely LOVE the results!




Every dancer starts somewhere - this could spark a fresh element in your dance journey. Since 2006 we've been competing at a world level and have been encouraging our student who want to STEP UP their dance game, to do the same. Annually, we train dancers in our customized Competition Program from July-December; if you're interested in being trained by World Champions, taking your dancing to the BEST level, and showcasing what you've developed on the world stage, this Program is definitely for you. To apply for our upcoming Competition Program email us today.




Holiday Parties, Mixers, Annual Galas, Team Morale Events, name it, we do it! Enjoy a fun dance class, performances, professional emcee, DJ, party-pumpers social dancing with your guests, line dancing, and more! We bring your event to life! Producing shows full of entertainment, energy, and lasting memories.

Email us a short description of your special event, and we’ll get a quote to you within 24 hours!


The Top Benefits of Our Classes

• Increased self confidence
• Social connection
• Reduced stress
• Improved balance & coordination
• Improved memory & spatial awareness
• Increased physical strength
• Overall happiness & enhanced quality of life!


We're a close team of dance lovers.

We love teaching! Each of us have a huge passion for what we do and for helping YOU reach YOUR goals. Meet the team!

Serena Cuevas


Iveth Ruso

Administrative Supervisor & Instructor

Michelle Chan


Barry Barker


JD Chaparro


Carlitos Noriega


Shay Dixon


Liz Parsons

New Zealand Affiliate Instructor

Adrián Sevilla Cortés

Spain Affiliate Instructor

Nery Garcia


Therese Salazar


Nicole Kleinová


Nina Pearl Martin


Armando Barranco

Mexico Affiliate Instructor

Tony Caligagan


Photoshoots, independent dance classes, video shoots, wedding rehearsals, corporate holiday events... you name it! Our studio space is available for YOU.

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It was my great fortune to discover Deseo Studios several years ago, and meet the amazing Director and Head Teacher Serena Cuevas. What I discovered is that dancing is not only fun and great exercise but it changes a person’s life for the better. I experienced this personal growth in myself and have observed it in others over the years in this dance community. Dancing as I found out, makes the heart happy. For these reasons and more I would highly recommend anyone interested in dance to seek out Serena Cuevas at Deseo Studios and begin this journey so you too can experience the happiness, joy, and fulfillment that comes from dance.

Barry B, 64

My experience at Deseo Studios has been nothing short of Excellence and Happiness. Coming from absolutely zero background in dance, Serena and her lovely staff have made my experience one to remember. I have a clear memory of my first day at the studio of feeling overwhelmed and anxious, but the positive atmosphere at Deseo Studios calmed my nerves. I highly encourage anybody who would like to start their dance journey to come participate in this beautiful experience.

Gabe H, 23

Deseo Studios es una gran academia de baile llena de magníficas personas. Los instructores de Deseo studios son unas personas que inmediatamente te hacen sentir en casa y te dan la bienvenida cálidamente. Al igual, son un grupo de personas que están altamente calificados para dar clases en cualquier estilo de baile que se ofrece en Deseo Studios. No sólo los instructores te enseñan baile pero también les importas y quieren lo mejor para ti. Deseo Studios es un lugar donde no solo crecerás como bailarín pero también como persona.

Fernanda G, 25

Deseo is a beautiful place for dancers of all ages. I walked in a year ago out of curiosity and now it is my second home! I was turning 50, missed dancing and thought I’d try salsa lessons. What I found was so much more! The studio is beautiful, the staff is amazing and it feels like a family when you are here. There is always something going on: classes, workshops, social dances, performances, teams, competitions and there is something for everyone. Serena and her team are so warm and encouraging, they will challenge you to be your best, try new things and set goals for yourself. Over the past year I've made many friends, performed, competed, and done things I never would have dreamed of before walking in that door - dancing at Deseo has changed my life!

Arienne V, 51

I found the Deseo studio and met the amazing person, Serena at the perfect time in my life when I wanted to explore self-care seriously. Serena and her team of instructors have given me the tools I needed to not only learn to dance but more importantly to build my confidence, to learn to trust and follow your partner :), to think of other people when you are on the dance floor ( it's not all about you, share the space) LOL! I have found my tribe, and met new friends. I have never imagined to find myself a year later at the World Salsa Summit 2020! If you are coachable and teachable, Serena is the right coach to push you out of your comfort zone but you have to decide that for yourself and it may change your life the way it is changing mine!

Melinda B, 48

Hi my name is Victoria, I’ve been dancing with Deseo for a little over 2 years. When I first approached Serena I had no experience at all but I let her know that I wanted to perform, compete and maybe even learn how to teach. Her response was “yeah no problem!”. With Deseo, I’ve performed in Vegas, on a cruise, at weddings and throughout San Diego, I’ve competed at an international level, and I’m learning how to become a dance instructor! Not only has Deseo helped me achieve all of my goals but it has also given me a completely new level of confidence, a deeper understanding and appreciation for music and an enormous and loving dance family.

Victoria B, 25

I’ve been dancing in this studio since July 2019 and from the first day that I came to the class I felt so welcome by everyone specially one of our teacher’s Danielle Robinson; they have such great crew, they really care about their students and if anyone ever has a question or concern, they take their time to help out. I fell in love with this place since day one. I gained new family/friends (my dance family) and have also gotten opportunities to grow as a dancer. I even had the chance to perform at a Christmas event which was 2 weeks long! I danced ChaCha (which is a style that I have never danced before) and with the help of our awesome teachers Nery Garcia and Serena Cuevas, my partner and I did a great choreography and really enjoyed the whole experience! I really recommend Deseo Studios because it’s not like any other studio... this place is going to end up feeling like home for you.

Alexa R, 22

Estoy muy emocionada de contarles sobre mi experiencia hasta ahora con Serena Cuevas y su estudio de baile Deseo. Mi nombre es Janina Monroy, tengo 45 años, y 4 meses tomando clases de salsa y bachata, mi pasión es bailar y disfruto muchísimo las clases ya que se percibe un ambiente positivo y con mucha buena energía, todos son muy amigables y los maestros te hacen sentir cómodo y con mucho profesionalismo te explican de una manera divertida cada paso. Este pasado Enero viví una de las mejores experiencias de mi vida al competir por primera vez profesionalmente en Miami, Florida. En el cual gane 5 medallas gracias a mi dedicación y a este maravilloso equipo, realmente se los recomiendo, a mi me cambio la vida al igual que a ti puede hacértela mas divertida... LETS DANCE!

Janina M, 45

I have been a member of Deseo Studios for about one year. I had never before danced Salsa, Bachata, or any of the Latin dances. One of my wife's passions is Latin dancing, so to get along.. you go along. Within a couple of lessons I was dancing and loved it. Serena and her staff at Deseo are extremely professional and attentive. In fact, I credit their patience with me as a major part of my success in dancing. I now look forward to attending their organized dance socials at various venues and clubs around San Diego. John Travolta I'm not, but the more I dance the better I get, and I'm having fun.

Stuart M, 65+

What can I say! Deseo studios is my second home and my second family. I’ve been at deseos for almost 6 months and it has been such a great journey since I step foot in the studio. I have learned so much and have grown over the past 6 months. All the instructors are very welcoming and have a passion for the dance and a passion for helping us grow and grasp the concepts their teaching. They are very encouraging and always make sure we’re okay in grasping the concepts or if not becoming more clear. Being at deseo I have the great opportunity to help Danielle with teaching the kids in hip hop, Latin fusion, and ballet and I have grown in being able to teach the kids and be able to talk to them and approach them so that they’ll understand and grasp the concept. Being at deseos has grown my passion for dancing and teaching.

Alexis V, 19

Dear Serena, I just want to take a moment to acknowledge you for creating a superb Dance Studio in Chula Vista, it has been great for me to have found a place where I can go to learn from one the best instructors in the world. My experience at Deseo Studios has been positive, rewarding and fun. Every person from staff to students is so friendly and personable, I am happier ever since the first day I walked into your studio. I 100% will recommend you and your staff to anyone and everyone.

Agustin V, 68

I’m a wife, mother, grandmother and last but not least.. a dancer! Dancing has helped me be a better person, more confident and a role model for my family and others. To show by example that no matter your age you can challenge yourself and overcome your fears, and in my case to dance, learn choreography and perform. That brings me to Serena Cuevas and Deseo Studios. Serena has the ability to see potential in you when you don’t see it yourself! No matter your experience, she always finds a way to motivate and find a place for you. Whether that means attending a class, a workshop, joining a team, performing a solo or just being part of an event. Deseo is a beautiful place to find beauty in yourself and others. No judgment, just encouragement and being part of a greater family. I will always treasure my time at Deseo Studios, the many wonderful memories and dance friends I’ve made are priceless.

Leah S, 64

I have been dancing at Deseo Studios for a year or so; I must say being born and raised in California and dancing for most of my life, I have never been to a place like Deseo. It’s full of energy, fresh teaching, and just good people that will support whatever dance aspirations you have. Serena is very compassionate and innovative with her teaching. You can’t help but build confidence learning from such a skilled and beautiful dancer. If you are looking to grow as a dancer or performer and meet great people (and even travel with your friends) then Deseo is a perfect place for you. I am gaining more than just learning Salsa; I am gaining confidence, friendships, and building a strong foundation on multiple types of dancing in order to be the most well-rounded dancer. Thank You Serena and the Deseo team!!!!

Stephanie H, 34

I came to Deseo Studios after a free lesson at Tio Leo’s nightclub class. It was fun, a little challenging, and did I mention fun? It’s clear that the Deseo team excel at getting wallflowers like me to dance and consistently improve. After a little time with Deseo, you will enjoy social dancing so much that you may be asked “are you Cuban?”. It happened to me and it can happen for you. Take that first step — Deseo for dance.

Garry W, 50

Deseo Studio is hands down the best dance studio in San Diego. My daughter has been with the studio for over a year, since she was 4. I have noticed so much growth in her! I also love how they challenged her to her fullest ability. She’s had solo routines for a competition even and won first place! My daughter loves the studio so much that we stay after her class just to watch the adult classes. The studio, overall environment, and the instructors are very warm and welcoming - you'll never want to leave! You will definitely feel like family!

Trista C, 36


Let's answer some questions.

Do I need a partner?

A partner is never required for any of our classes. You are always welcome! The structure of our classes gives everyone an opportunity to dance with a partner.

Do I need dance shoes?

No, just shoes that you feel comfortable moving around in. Sneakers, heels or dance shoes all work perfectly.

Do I need any experience?

No experience, no problem! We welcome all levels.

Is there a trial class?

Yes, your trial class is ONLY $5!

Can teens participate in the adult classes?

Definitely! They can participate in the adult classes and we also offer specialty classes just for teens.

What is the fastest way to learn?

Your best bet is a combination of private lessons and group classes. This gives you an advantage - you receive the most practice and repetition, as well as personalized attention and feedback.

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