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Dance Classes

Dancing at Deseo means you're welcomed, appreciated, and instructed with support on your dance journey!

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced dancer,

we have a training style for you! Check these options and let's get dancing!

Group Classes - 4 Days/Week and are 45min each.

Private Lessons - Daily/By Appointment and are 45min each.

Semi Private Lessons - Daily/By Appointment and are 45min each.

Dance Socials - 3rd Saturday/Monthly

Bootcamps or Workshops - Dates Vary/Monthly

Group Classes - A small group of individuals interested in working on a style of dance at the same day & time each week. The instructor crafts their group classes based on the level of who is in the room, and so catering to mixed levels with ease.

Private Lessons - 'One on One' sessions where the instructor teaches movement, concepts, theory, and gives immediate feedback for you to progress the fastest. This is the studio favorite for students learning at Deseo. It is a true supplement to developing brain patterns and proper dance habits to ensure success out on the dance floor.

Semi Private Lessons - A fusion of a 'Group Class' & a 'Private Lesson'... this is a customized small group (of your friends/family/coworkers etc) and 1-2 instructors. We teach the genre of your choice while creating a fun & memorable experience for your guests. Everyone is learning and leaving with more moves than before! (A great party activity & can be done at your home or in-studio!)

Dance Socials - This is the bridge between a 'Group Class' & going out to try your moves at a nightclub. Studio socials are a safe space for students to practice their moves among other students, studio staff, friends, and guests. We dance with one another so you feel the ease of trying moves on the dance floor with low pressure. *Typically these nights have a DJ and licensed bar service although not each month.


Bootcamps or Workshops - A deep dive into a specific genre, it's fundamentals, or a tactic/approach to achieving something specific in your dancing. These are great ways to learn A LOT in a concentrated period of time.

STUDIO DANCE class calendar

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We offer a variety of package deals to save you money! From free trials to a Bachata program pass to unlimited classes. Check them out!

“Serena is a truly caring and sweet dance teacher who puts her students’ needs above her own. ”

Sarah, CA

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